About us

“You Must Do Things You Think You Cannot Do”- Eleanor Roosevelt

Welcome to the USM-Aerospace CFD Lab!

Our working philosophy is built upon a sound theoretical background coupled with realistic practical solutions. We work on algorithm developments in CFD with a focus on Residual Distribution (RD) methods solving fluid transport problems as a part of building the future of new CFD methods. Students will be exposed to the principles of algorithm developments in CFD and will be educated until they are capable of inventing their own numerical methods.

It is easy for researchers to be detached with the reality of practice thus we are continuously engaged with real-life CFD problems through consultancy work to remind ourselves of the industrial expectations. Our numerical method developments would always consider the practical implications as part of the constraints. In other words, we would only develop methods which are not only accurate but also cost-effective and reasonable for implementation at the most complex level.

We seek for talented researchers from all levels to join the group. Currently hot research topics include entropy-stable RD methods, advection-diffusion RD methods, unsteady RD methods and high-order entropy-stable RD methods. However, let us know if you have other topics in mind.

It is our commitment to ensure that all of the students from this group will be highly capable in theoretical CFD and be astute enough to solve complex industrial problems in CFD.

We believe that the impossible is possible!

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